The mansard roof, the shape of the roof with two slopes on both sides, the  slope at the bottom is significantly steeper than the slope at the top. In the cross section, a straight mansard looks like a gambrel roof, but  differs from a gambrel in that it has the same profile on all sides.



The attic style maximizes the attic interior space  and provides an easy way to add one or more floors to an existing (or new) building without the need for masonry.

Advantages Of  Mansard Roof?

Extra Usable Space-You should always  add several floors or build an attic in an existing building without the need for additional support or masonry. The mansard roof offers this luxury because it slopes almost vertically to provide additional space. Even if you need an additional master bedroom, you  have the flexibility to add a master bedroom when compared to  other common roof types such as hipped roofs and gable roofs. Therefore, if you plan to add more rooms  to your existing home in the future, you can increase the  extra space by choosing a mansard roof.

Suitable for both Rural and Urban Areas-Mansard roofs are ideal for  rural and urban areas as they blend well with all types of properties and create usable space. This style is especially preferred in  urban areas because there is usually no space to extend the building outwards, giving you the opportunity to expand upwards.

More light and better Heat Distribution-Dormers are most common because they run on lower slope lengths and allow more natural light to enter. In addition, this additional space created using the mansard roof supports efficient and excellent heat distribution, making the building more comfortable.

High-class look with Modern Design Elements-This classic and elegant roofing style  is an important part of  French architecture, which became more and more popular during the Renaissance, providing not only  the flexibility to add space, but also  a sophisticated look. While modern builders use high quality insulation and special materials to create mansard roofs that last longer than other roof structures, older mansard roofs mainly use capricious and heavy materials. was doing. You can enjoy the modern mansard roof in shops and homes without having to worry about rust or  falling parts.

Cost Savings-The mansard roof not only saves a lot of money by building another room or attic in the available area, but also  distributes the heat in the building evenly  with proper shape and sealing, thus reducing the heating cost. Reduce. Making the frame out of metal roofing boards increases  durability and  maximizes the waterproofness of the roof. Initial setup costs more, but in the long run you can save a lot of  maintenance costs. The modern design elements of the mansard roof are also affordable for homeowners.



Technically speaking, the mansard roof can be described as a four-sided hipped roof. The mansard roof has two sides, two slopes, and the bottom slope is much steeper than the top slope. The shape of the hipped roof is characterized by a straight, gentle slope that extends to the walls on all sides. This structure is  like a tent. Therefore, if you combine these two styles and have a four-sided roof with two slopes, and the  slope at the top is shallower than at the bottom, the result is a mansard roof. The flatter sloping roof of the 

The mansard roof is barely visible from the ground and  provides maximum space under the roof. Dormer windows extend to the lower slopes of the mansard roof. This is usually like a Gambrel roof architecture that creates a habitable area called an attic. The mansard roof can be convex, concave, or straight. 

This structure gives you a traditional look and is most commonly used in barn homes. In Germany and France, both mansard and gambler roofs are called mansards. 

The steep wall style and the double slopestyle are the two main styles of the mansard roof. The  water and snow drainage system is the main difference between these two styles. The longer and sharper the slope, the better  the drainage system. The two-part style, on the other hand, forms a rational drainage system  compared to the former. 

Slate tiles and wooden shingles are typical materials used to make mansard roofs, and people who love traditional types prefer  these materials, but other types of bricks and shingles too. It can  be used for  durability and reduction of maintenance cost. Therefore, zinc or copper roofing boards can be used for the steep parts of the roof. If you use asphalt shingles, you should use them in a regular pattern. 

This mansard roof design  is used not only  in some famous historic buildings, commercial buildings, or private homes, but also to provide additional available space on typical rail cars. It is also used in locomotives. The  CL class of the Australian Federal Railroad and the two Victorian Railroad Hopper cars had a mansard roof.



Kerala is a state where it rains for at least six months  a year, and Mansard roofing shingles are always suitable for this climate. And once the concrete construction of such roofing shingles  is complete, the amount of water needs to be reduced.