SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile

SOLAR FLAT10 Ceramic Roof Tile

What are Solar flat 10 ceramic roof tiles?

SOLAR FLAT10 roof tiles fit seamlessly on the roof.  It offers all the benefits of taking in the solar energy of renewable solar power and excellent reliability in terms of waterproofing of the entire roof. SOLAR FLAT10 roof tiles are photovoltaic tiles manufactured using the latest solar cell technology. Called the acronym CIGS * (copper, indium, gallium, selenium), this technique is the most effective technique for working in the shade. Since this technology does not contain cadmium or lead, it is possible to manufacture high-efficiency, high-performance solar cells that are environmentally friendly. SOLAR FLAT10 tiles are in perfect harmony with the roof, maintaining the same aesthetic appearance as ceramic tiles, keeping the top line and normal thickness as thin as the tile itself.

Durability and long-term performance are enhanced by the structure of the product itself and the use of glass plates (double tempered glass) that ensure durable and waterproof encapsulation.


What are the Advantages of solar flat 10 ceramic roof tiles?

The structure of the product itself and the use of a glass plate (double tempered glass) that guarantees durable and waterproof encapsulation enhances long-term durability and performance.
High efficiency solar cell technology


Why choose solar flat 10 roof tiles in kerala?

The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile is a photovoltaic tile manufactured using the latest photovoltaic cell technology. Denoted by the acronym CIGS* (copper, indium, gallium and selenium), it is the most effective technology when it comes to operating in the shade. Using this technology, we can produce high-efficiency solar cells with a high output which are also environmentally-friendly as they are free of cadmium and lead. The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile is suiatable for all climate.


What are the different patterns available for solar flat 10 ceramic roof tile?

The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile has a wholly black (FULL-BLACK), anti-reflective finish, without any of the usually seen connections. 



New Inkjet technology, the digital printing system allows us to create finishes never used before in the sector.

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Aged and mono colours, obtained by applying engobes and ceramic spreads.

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