MudRoom Cottages In Kerala

The modRoom A Frame retains a stunningly contemporary vibe on the inside and out while evoking the spirit of exploration and reconnection with the environment.

Because of the enormous vaulted ceiling, the modRoom A Frame’s cosy yet modern design exudes an incredible sense of volume and space. The modRoom A Frame can be ordered as a private, luxurious en-suite “couples” pod or with a more straightforward configuration that can comfortably sleep up to 6 adults. In any case, the combination of cosy design with plenty of natural light and ventilation results in a traditional yet contemporary take on the traditional cabin in the woods.

The modRoom A Frame is delivered finished and equipped for use after being manufactured. Once installed, the modRoom A Frame will undoubtedly dominate your site for many years to come.

We are India’s most creative and dependable Mud House builders, designers, and educators. Living in a traditional Mud house means that your home will be built to last, will be extremely energy efficient, and will be naturally healthy for your family.