Prefab Cottages

Prefab Cottages For Resorts & Home Stay


Do you long to live in a prefab modular cottage but lack the know-how to begin construction on your own?

Maybe you find the idea of starting from scratch to build a house intimidating, or maybe you don’t have the time to manage and supervise a traditional cottage build.

Prefab cabins are an excellent remedy for this. They provide a quick and simple way to build your dream house, easily and quickly.

Luxury modular prefabricated Homes & Cottages suitable for farmhouses, holiday homes, hotels & resorts, second homes are introduced by Scaffs india.

Modular cabins are pre-built in factories and adhere to all building codes. They are delivered to you and assembled on your property typically within a few days.

Specifications of prefab cottages:

Material that is qualified

Designs that are adaptable

Simple installation

Reuse multiple times

High quality economical Prefab house for workshop with steel structure

This Prefab house is 20 feet long.

It can also be used for a carport, a hotel, a house, a kiosk, a booth, an office, a guard house, a shop, a toilet, a villa, a warehouse, a workshop, a plant, and other purposes.

100% Personalized

There is no need for extensive civil work.

Anywhere and everywhere

Cottages Building with Wooden Prefabs??


The world is shifting toward eco-friendly living. Construction of wooden prefab houses and resorts has increased dramatically over the years. Wooden prefabs are quick to set up, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing because they use natural and reusable materials.


The Benefits of Eco-Wooden Cottages :


Material selection for construction.

Wood has a classic appearance and feel.

Wooden prefab cottages, as opposed to concrete structures, are airy and absorb moisture.

Construction can be completed in a matter of weeks.

The value of wooden log houses and cabins rises over time.

Each wood-house can be customised to the owner’s specifications.

All modern conveniences are available.


Cottage Designs

A-Frame Cottages

A-frame houses have a tall, triangular roof that resembles the capital letter “A.” An A-frame is typically a two-story or three-story structure with a large living area on the first floor, a smaller second story above the living room, and a tiny top floor that serves as a sleeping loft.

Wooden Cottages
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