C-25.12 Roof Tile

C-25.12 Clay Roof Tile


C-25.12 is a decorative curved roof tile, ideal for use in small areas.

C-25.12 curved roof tile profile with unique design that allows an accurate overlap of the roof tiles together thanks to stoppers on the pan. These elements, due to their small size, are used to cover, decorate and finish different parts of façades, roofs and other building elements.

The curved roof tile C-25.12 is also available in BorjaBLANC ( selection of special white clay). Ideal for the Mediterranean climate.


Approximate values: Total waterproof of the entire roof surface is required for any pitch.


C-25.12 curved roof tile is considered decorative accessory used to complement the roof. Therefore is included in AENOR certificates of a main roof tile.


Kind of C-25.12 roof tile is pan and the shape is roman. material used inside the C-25.12 roof tile is that clay. Appearance of the C-25.12 roof tile is smooth. It’s miles a single-channel roof tile.



Length: 25 cm.
Width: 12 cm. (max.) / 9.5 cm (min.)
Weight: 0,65 Kg./ut.
Units/sq.m.: 70 roof tiles
Units per ml eave line: 14 roof tiles

Weight per sq. m.: 45.5 Kg
Units per lm ridge: 5 roof tiles
Units per lm edge: 5 roof tiles
Roof Tiles per pallet: 18 boxes / 756 units / 500 Kg.
Minimum order:: 42 roof tiles (1 box)