Escama Roof Tile

Escama Clay Roof Tile

Common decoration for the creation of domes.

The appearance of classic Escama roof tile reminds the natural fish flake. This is a gently curved flat profile that is used at some time to cover conical or spherical roof areas. It is used as decorative elements in old buildings forming domes.


Approximate values: Total waterproof of the entire roof surface is required for any pitch.


shape of Escama roof tile is bullnose. material used inside the Escama roof tile is that clay. Appearance of the Escama roof tile is smooth. It’s miles a single-channel roof tile.



Length: 19.5 cm.
Width: 15 cm.
Weight: 0,4 Kg./ut.
Units/sq.m.: 78 roof tiles
Useful length: 9 cm.
Units per ml eave line: 9 roof tiles

Weight per sq. m.: 31.2 Kg
Roof Tiles per pallet: 735 units / 530 Kg.
Minimum order: 1 roof tile