Ceramic Roof Tiles


What are Roofing Tiles?

 Clay tiles are the oldest and most proven method of roofing method, clay roofs can be traced back as far as 10,000 BC. Clay tiles were popular because of its local availability.   High quality fire clays, terracotta and shales are used for manufacturing of clay tiles. Clay tiles are also known as ceramic tiles.


Scaffs is the major dealer of Tejas Borja, imported clay tile in kerala.  Tejas Borja, true to its values, is the leading company in the ceramic tile sector for more than a century. Tejas Borja is a family business in Valencia , Spain since 1889. The guarantee of the brand can be found carried on roofs in more than 65 countries.     Tejas Borja clay roof tile is acknowledged as the best clay roof tile ever made.

Every piece is a veritable masterpiece of combined elegance and strength, an exemplary product of high technology and high professional skills. They are very clear about the functional and aesthetic and innovate with the most state-of-the-art trends. Your home definitely deserves any of these masterpieces.


How are clay Roofing Tiles are made?

Clay roof tiles are manufactured using the same method for bricks.But tiles are thinner and lighter.The clay used for the manufacturing of roof tiles should be highly plastic.Roof Tiles are manufacturing from clays burning at 1300º C after moulding into required shape.In this burning process. colouring admixtures may be used.This burning process is normally taken in kilns.


What are the advantages of a tile roof?

  • They are highly durable and have high abrasion resistanceCan last hundreds of years. Tile roofs easily outlast every other residential roofing material.
  • Roofing tiles give good aesthetic appearance and properties to the building
  • Gives Traditional look and natural cooling to your house.
  • Clay and concrete tiles carry a Class-A fire rating, which is the highest fire rating.
  • Sound resistance too, unlike 
  • No Colour Fading
  • Clay tiles are environment friendly and often recycled.
  • Because of the space between each tile, a tile roof is naturally better ventilated and insulated, providing a cooler house in the summer and a warmer house in the winter.

What are the different patterns available clay Roofing Tiles?

The various types of roofing tiles pattern used for construction are plain tiling, hip tiling, pan tiling, Spanish tiling, Italian tiling and ridge tiling.


Qualities of Best roofing tiles?

  • Free from cracks and flaws
  • The size and shape should be accurate
  • They should have a uniform texture.
  • It should have high durability
  • The water absorption should be less than 15 percent.

Clay tiles are extremely heavy, are prone to breaking if not carefully worked on, and require installers with extensive experience. Like concrete and slate, a roof with clay tiles will need substantial reinforcement to support the extra weight of the clay. Regular maintenance is needed for roof tiles.

Roofing Shingles are also used along with roofing tiles in kerala.



SOLAR Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are a seamless way to integrate solar technology into your home without compromising the natural design of your home. Unlike traditional solar panels that sit on top of roof tiles, solar tiles completely replace roof tiles. Solar tiles look different, but they work the same as solar panels. This clever alternative means that you can use the energy of the sun to generate your own electricity in style.


SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles

SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile



Tejas Borja’s unique roller kiln manufacturing process that uses ceramic clay with a water absorption of less than 3% to make large tiles.



Borja TECH

H-cassette and plaster moulds manufacturing.Clay that is more compact. Extremely powerful and low absorption.




TB-10 Tech roof tiles


High-quality, very fine red sintered clay is used in the manufacturing process. Extremely powerful and low absorption.





C-50.21 Celler

STEP 50/45