STEP 50/45 Roof Tile

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Step 50/45 roof tile with nibs on its underside, is placed in the pan position, essential for the proper drainage of water in the C-50.21 Celler® and C-45.20 curved roof tiles roofs by dry-installed on battens or continued support. It also is equipped with a hole to secure nail or screw through the batten.


To ensure their optimal installation, big format of curved roof tile (C-50.21 Celler® and C-45.20)  should be installed using the STEP 50/45 as a pan and should be fixed to a support previously prepared with a double batten layout.


Approximate values: Installation must comply with Code of practice for the design and fixing of roofs with clay roofing tiles for the region and Tejas Borja specifications.


Step 50/45 roof tile is considered decorative accessory used to complement the roof. Therefore is included in AENOR certificates of the C-50.21 Celler® roof tile


Kind of Step 50/45 roof tile is pan and the shape is Roman. material used inside the Step 50/45 roof tile is that clay. Appearance of the Step 50/45 roof tile is smooth. It’s miles a single-channel roof tile



Length: 500 mm
Width: 205mm / 165 mm
Weight: 2,50 Kg/ut.
Units/sq.m.: 10 roof tiles (+ 10 Celler® 50×21 roof tiles)
Useful length: 350 – 400 mm
Units per ml eave line: 4 roof tiles

Weight per sq. m: 25 Kg
Units per lm ridge: 2,5 Celler® 50×21 roof tiles
Units per lm edge: 2,5 Celler® 50×21 roof tiles
Max. overlap: 17,0 cm
Min. overlap: 8,0 cm