Tejas Borja FLAT-5XL Roof Tile

FLAT-5XL Ceramic Roof Tile

FLAT5XL Roof Tile, along with our unique BorjaJET finishing technology, is another example of product innovation, development and improvement that fulfills the architect’s impossible dreams.

The largest ceramic roof tile in history.

  • High performance installation (5 pcs / square meter)
    Wide range of finishes (for BorjaJET only)
form of flat-5xl Roof Tile is flat. 
Material used in the flat-5xl  Roof Tile is clay. flat-5xl Roof Tile is available in special colors like brown, gray, black, blue, green, ocher, orange, pink. appearance of flat-5xl Roof Tile is smooth, colored, slate look, terracotta look. 
flat-5xl Roof Tile is easy to install. 


Length: 457 mm
Width: 510 mm
Weight: 6,55 Kg./Teja
Units/sq.m.: 5,48 Uds.
Useful length: (Batten distance) VARIABLE 340 – 385 mm
Units per ml eave line: 2

Minimum pitch recommended 30% – 17º (*)
Useful width 474 mm
Pallet info 152 units / 1.023 Kg.
Minimum order 2 roof tiles