A-Frame Cottage for Resorts in Kerala

A-Frame House


True to its name, an A-frame is a type of home architecture that looks like the letter “A.” This style of home has walls with sharp angles that start close to the base and create a triangle. These homes have loft space, wide windows, open floor plans, wood siding, high interior ceilings, and more. The size of the living area is somewhat constrained by the A-frames’ steep, slanting shape, which is why most people use them as second or holiday homes.

What Is an A-Frame House?

A steep, triangular roof that resembles the letter “A” defines a “A-frame” home. A-frames are popular as second homes or vacation cottages because they offer less living space than many traditional home designs. These homes typically have large windows in the front and back and require little maintenance due to the size of the roof.

Many A-frame homes offer one-and-a-half levels of living.When constructing upper floors, rooms should accommodate sloping ceilings. Many A-frames are built with a loft-like sensibility, allowing upstairs space while leaving the middle of the house open to accentuate the triangular structure. Many A-frame cottages, popular in lake and coastal locations, have loft-level balconies to better enjoy the views and provide additional living and entertaining space.

Advantages of A-Frame Cottage

A-frame house designs have been around for generations, but it wasn’t until lately that their popularity began to grow. The reasons for this increase relate around the advantages of having an A-frame cottage — here’s why you should build this triangle-shaped home.: 


1. A steep pitch aids in snow removal: Due to its unique construction, an A-frame house can survive all types of weather conditions. There will be no pools of water or snow accumulation on your roof.

2. The second story provides more space: A-frame cottages don’t have as much living room as other house designs, but they make up for it with more storage space in the second level. This story can be converted into a nice loft or storage area.

3. Lower upkeep is required: A-frame cottage ideas are simpler to build and need less maintenance.

4. Affordable Build – You can use a pre-fabricated kit or build your own A-frame, but this simple design generally uses few materials, making it a cost-effective option.

5. Timeless Style – With its sloped walls and open floor plan, it creates an iconic and timeless modern style that has been in style for decades.

6. Energy Efficient – Because of their design, A-frames are generally more energy-efficient, making them popular in cold weather climates.

7. Solid Structure – Because of the triangle shape, the A-frame provides a sturdy and solid structure, resulting in a long-lasting home.

8. Affordability- Because of its simple design and the availability of pre-fab kits, an A-frame home can be affordable.

9. Light from the sun- In an A-frame home, the windows, along with the sloped roof, speak for themselves. The windows provide plenty of natural light, but skylights or solar tubes can add even more.

How Long Does It Take to Construct an A-Frame Cottage?

A regular, simple A-frame home takes 4 to 8 months to build on average. If your home is highly customised or in a difficult location, the construction process may take longer. It will also depend on your labour – whether you do it yourself or hire professionals can affect how long it takes to complete the build.

Who Should Purchase an A-Frame Cottage?


Anyone who wants to buy an A-frame cottage should do so as long as they consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of housing. Because the roof design does not allow for a lot of storage space, these homes are best suited for singles who do not require a lot of storage.

Buyers looking for a vacation or second home in a scenic setting may appreciate an A-Frame cottage design, as the large windows provide easy access to beautiful outdoor scenery. These homes also work best when built away from other properties, allowing the homeowners privacy.

Because A-Frame cottages are relatively simple to build, they tend to be less expensive than traditional housing, which can be a significant benefit for buyers. If you’re looking for a low-cost house or an investment property, an A-frame cottage could be a good choice.