SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles

SOLAR FLAT5XL Ceramic Roof Tile

What are Solar flat-5xl  ceramic roof tiles?

SOLAR FLAT5XL Ceramic Roof Tiles are the only large ceramic tiles with an integrated solar energy system. They are ideal for a reliable supply of solar energy. Due to the built-in solar panels in the tiles, the tiles offer all the advantages of ceramic tile roofs in terms of waterproofness, without the risk of deterioration or oxidation.

Full integration is completed by installing the roof or façade using FLAT5XL tiles and other ceramic accessories.

SOLAR FLAT5XL ceramic roof tiles are available in two versions to adapt to the energy production needs and available space of each project.


What are the Advantages of solar flat 5-xl ceramic roof tiles?

  • Tiles offer all the advantages of  ceramic tiled roofs in terms of waterproofness without the risk of deterioration or oxidation.
  • The largest ceramic roof tile ever made.
  • Wide range of finishes 
  • High performance in installation

Why choose solar flat-5xl roof tiles in kerala??

SOLAR Flat-5XL ceramic roof tiles are the most effective huge ceramic tiles with an incorporated sun power system.They are perfect for offering a dependable delivery of sun power.The tiles offer all of the advantages of a roof crafted from ceramic tiles in phrases of watertightness, with no hazard of decay or oxidation. 

The best integration is finished with the set up of the roof or facade the use of FLAT-5XL tiles and different ceramic accessories

The SOLAR FLAT-5XL roof tile has an entirely black, anti-reflective finish, with none of the typically visible connections. It is entirely compatible with the FLAT-5XL ceramic tile

SOLAR FLAT-5XL Ceramic Tile must always be installed on ventilated roofs using a double batten system or equivalent 



What are the different patterns available for solar flat-5xl ceramic roof tile


New Inkjet technology, the digital printing system allows us to create finishes never used before in the sector.

Ceramic SLATE

Irish green
Paris Ocre
Nepal Orange

Ceramic STONE

Denver Iris
Denver Gold
Austin Grey

Ceramic CEMENT

Sidney Graphite

Ceramic OXID

Tokyo Copper

Ceramic COTTO

Ibiza Pink

Ceramic MARBLE

Roma Dark


Aged and mono colours, obtained by applying engobes and ceramic spreads.


Leon Matte