Vegetative Roofing

Vegetative roof systems or green roofs are also known as living roofs. As the name suggests, vegetative roofs are a design in which plants are used to create a green space on top of a building.

Typical green roofs consist of multiple layers, including a durable waterproof foundation, a root management system, drainage layers, and some type of growing medium. While some people choose to grow vegetation in large containers on top of roofs, true green roofs are those that are physically part of the roofing system.



Air Quality

Particularly in cities, the more vegetative materials the better to help filter our air pollution and reduce the urban heat island problem.

Water Control

Plantings and soil on the roof absorb a lot of rain and moisture, helping them to flourish and reduce the strain on storm drainage. In addition, plants naturally filter contaminants, helping to reduce the need for filtration.

Energy Savings

History shows that deep in the human genetic genetic makeup is the need for green spaces. In fact, some health studies show that nature scene increase productivity and improve both mental and physical health. For a business and others nearby, a vegetive roof can even mean happier and more productive employees.

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