Roof Tiles in Wayanad, Kerala

Best Roof Tiles In Wayanad

Tejas Borja is one of the reliable manufacturers of clay roof tiles. With over 100 years of quality service, Tejas Borja is a leading supplier of clay tiles in Spain. They build their roof tiles using high-quality methods that surpass the standards and processes of other manufacturers.It features curved roof tiles made by extrusion. The congruence of the edges creates flares on the edges, making it easy to install these clay tiles in your home.

Clay roof tiles are made completely of naturally occurring clay and are manufactured utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality and most attractive roof tiles available. It’s a wonderful option for people looking for the best roof tiles. 

Ceramic roof tile is made of pure white clay. Pure white clay has the advantages of being extremely durable and lightweight, as well as providing better thermal insulation than other roof tile makers additionally, roof tiles are anti-fungal. 

Tejas Borja roof tiles are well-known for their quality and durability, and they are the best ceramic roof tiles in Wayanad. Roofs in Kerala are prone to deterioration as a result of sudden and severe weather changes. When it comes to roofing, the use of high-quality roof tiles should be a priority over anything else. As a result, the vast majority of people in Kerala choose Tejas Borja roof tiles for their homes.

Tejas Borja Roof Tiles Patterns are :

Solar Roof tiles 


Solar energy solutions for your home or business.

Tejas Borja SOLAR product range | Products that are perfectly integrated into flat tile roofs from Tejas Borja “Flat” range.


Types of solar roof tiles: 

  1. SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tile
  2. SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile



Exclusive to Tejas Borja, a roller kiln manufacturing process using ceramic clay with very low water absortion, less than 3%, to produce large tiles.


Types of Borja EXTREME:

  1. FLAT-5XL

Borja TECH 


Plaster moulds and H-cassette production. More compact clay. Very low absortion and extremely strong.


Types of Borja TECH: 

  1. FLAT-10
  2. TB-10 TECH

Borja CLASS 


Manufacturing using high-quality, very fine, red sintered clay. very low absortion and extremely strong.


Types of Borja CLASS: 

  1. TB-4
  2. TB-12
  3. Alacantina-12
  4. C-50.21 Celler
  5. STEP 50/45
  6. C-45.20
  7. C-40.19
  8. C-40.15
  9. C-25.12
  10. Escama

Advantages of Roof Tiles:

When compared to other types of roof tiles, Tejas Borja roof tiles have a number of advantages.

These ceramic roof tiles are waterproof and will not allow water to enter. They are fireproof and will not catch fire or cause damage to the building’s interior.

Because these ceramic roof tiles are heat resistant, they provide a cooling effect to the house by not allowing additional heat to enter. By selecting better and more efficient roof tiles, you can increase the comfort and security of your home by making it more heat resistant.

Another advantage of Tejas Borja roof tiles is their availability in a variety of colors and shapes. These roof tiles come in a variety of blended colors…

Clay Roof Tile Vs Ceramic Roof Tile

Clay Roof Tile 

Clay roof tiles are made by baking molded clay. The density of these roof tiles depends on the time and temperature at which the tiles are heated. Roof tiles come in different colors, with shades of white, yellow, orange, and even brown. But the most common color of clay tiles you can find is terracotta. It is important to note that in countries such as  Latin America and Spain, clay tiles are also called Spanish tile roofs. The high temperature used to bake clay tiles helps to set the color so that it does not come off or fade. They are durable roof coverings and are highly insulating.

Advantages of clay roof tiles :

  • Long-lasting
  • Impervious to rot and insect damage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance

Ceramic Roof Tile 

The ceramic coating on the outer shell increases resistance to a variety of weather conditions. Water is repelled by the coating and is not absorbed by the tiles. These are the best options for low-slope and sloping roofs. Ceramic roof tiles have significant advantages over other types of roofs not only in terms of architectural expression and durability but also in other physical and mechanical properties. Ceramic roof tiles are considered eco-friendly roof coverings.

Advantages of ceramic roof tiles :

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Fire-resistance
  • Dust-resistance
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Prevents algae and fungus
  • Better thermal resistance
  • Reduces external sound
  • Ceramic tiles are kiln-fired at 1100ºC that provides deeper glaze
  • Lighter than traditional clay tiles
  • Good Load bearing capacity

Why are Tejas Borja Ceramic Roof Tiles the Best in Kerala?

Among the wide variety of Tejas Borja roof tiles, you can definitely find one that fits your roof. These roof tiles are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful substances during manufacturing or use. 

Tejas Borja roof tiles had shown their quality and strength in Kerala`s high-rainfall locations. They are prone to very fewer damage or no damage. They are extremely long-lasting and reasonably priced. As a result, Tejas Borja roof tiles have become one of the most famous and popular roof tile brands in Kerala.

They make their roof tiles utilizing high-quality methods that outperform other manufacturers’ standards and processes. Extrusion-made curved roof tiles are featured. The congruence of the edges creates flares on the edges, making it easy to install these clay tiles in your home.

Advantages Of Tejas Borja  :

Aesthetic Appeal

Characteristic of BorjaDECOR, these tiles are a combination of elegant finishes and aesthetic colors.

Inkjet Technology


Spanish tiles with Inkjet technology include BORJAJet technology, which allows for digital printing for manufacturing purposes. This results in the combination of rich natural materials and industrial components of ceramic tiles. It helps that Tejas Borja incorporates solid finishing techniques. These provide results for all types of roofing options, designs, and projects.

Raw Materials


While it looks cute to insert these modern advancements, we must not overlook the basic raw materials used to make such tiles.

Without these materials, this roof would not even be a possibility.

For generations and centuries, Tejas Borja went on an expedition to collect some of the best materials for their roofs and tiles. As a result, it helped them relate to nature and their overall surroundings.

These were some of the raw materials they found in their journey.

  1. Ceramic Slate
  2. Ceramic Stone
  3. Ceramic Cement
  4. Ceramic Oxide
  5. Ceramic Cotto
  6. Ceramic Marble
  7. Ceramic Wood