Solar Clay Roof Tiles

Solar Clay Roof Tile

What are Solar clay roof tiles?

Clay roof tiles have many advantages, most notably durability and wear resistance. In some cases, the only ruins of ancient buildings found in the ruins are clay bricks, which is excellent evidence of their longevity.

clay tiles are valuable in the long run. Clay bricks are durable, so despite their high price, they have a long life and are very economical.


What are the Advantages of solar clay roof tiles?

  • They are highly durable and have high abrasion resistance Can last hundreds of years. Tile roofs easily outlast every other residential roofing material.
  • Roofing tiles give good aesthetic appearance and properties to the building
  • Gives Traditional look and natural cooling to your house.
  • Sound resistance too, unlike 

What are the different patterns available clay Roofing Tiles?

The various types of roofing tiles pattern used for construction are plain tiling, hip tiling, pan tiling, Spanish tiling, Italian tiling and ridge tiling.


How are clay Roofing Tiles are made?

Clay roof tiles are manufactured using the same method for bricks. But tiles are thinner and lighter. The clay used for the manufacturing of roof tiles should be highly plastic. Roof Tiles are manufacturing from clays burning at 1300º C after moulding into required shape. In this burning process. colouring admixtures may be used. This burning process is normally taken in kilns.


Why choose solar clay roof tiles in kerala??

Clay tile is suitable for all climate. Clay tiles are extremely heavy, are prone to breaking if not carefully worked on, and require installers with extensive experience. Like concrete and slate, a roof with clay tiles will need substantial reinforcement to support the extra weight of the clay. Regular maintenance is needed for roof tiles.
Roofing Shingles are also used along with roofing tiles in kerala.